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of al●l the shipments it h◆andles and whe〓ther they ●comply with t◆he EAR," it added.C●hinese authoritie●s in May l●aunched an invest〓igation into F●edEx's mis●routing of Huaw◆ei package○s, two of which ○should have been ■delivered from Ja●pan to China bu●t ended up being◆ redirected〓


the EAR

to FedEx's global ◆hub in Memphi○s, Tennessee.FedEx 〓in a May 28 stat●ement apologized ■for the del●ivery failure. "W◆e confirm that ◆no external◆ party required Fed◆Ex to make the〓se shipments," it sa■id.Chinese Forei○gn Ministry ●Spokesperson Geng ■Shuang told○ a news bri○efing on M●onday that the U.S■. government has b●een trumping up char〓ges and ab■using claims o●f national◆ security to use st○ate power in clamp〓ing down on○ a Chinese business.■ As the root caus■e of the chaos, its◆ bullying pra●ctices not only hu●rts Chinese busi■nesses, but al○so American o◆nes."We urge it t●o stop and c〓orrect its w●rong practice an■d create ena●bling conditions■ for the normal exc■hange and cooper○ation between compan●ies,"


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said● Geng.Please scan ●the QR Code to f○ollow us on■ InstagramPl○ease scan the QR Co●de to follow us ■on WechatCommenta●ry: Using Hu●awei 5G technolog●y means more t■han quicker c■ommunicationComm●entary: Using H◆uawei 5G technolo◆gy means mo○re than quicke●r communicati○onCommenta◆ry: Using Huawei ■5G technology me○ans more than quic◆ker communi◆cation06-17-2019◆ 09:11 BJTMAD○RID, June 16 --● Supported by t●he Huawei techno●logy, Vodafone Es●pana commercia〓lized the fi


th A●mendme popular belief

r■st 5G mobile 〓services in Spai■n on Saturday.T◆he ultra-fas■t and low-latency 5G■ network is the in〓frastructure that c■an make a huge diff○erence. Abou○t half of th■e populati●on in 15 m●ajor Spanish ci●ties inclu○ding Madrid,◆ Barcelona◆, Valencia〓 and Sevill●e are initia●lly involved, ○which makes the coun○try among t○he first that rolled〓 out 5G services ●in Europe.Vodafone E■spana's embra〓cing of the Huawei 5■G technology means■ not only communi●cation 10 times● faster in◆ Spain, but also a ◆step closer to a ●future brim■ming with excitem○ents like ■autonomous drivin●g, telemedicine an〓d virtual real◆ity in every●day life.Another thi●ng that is ■certain is● that the United ●States' pres◆suring of it■s European ◆allies to join○ itself to ○blo

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ck the global 5G● technology 〓leader Huawei 〓from the 5G net●work marke●t at their exp○ense will n■ot work.As● Washington has fai■led to prove t●hat the Chines〓e telecom g◆iant makes backdoor●s to enabl○e spying on ●any users,● the U.S. bul〓lyism under a sec◆urity pretext harm●s its credibility.◆In dealing with it●s b

usiness riva●ls, as the w●orld's largest eco○nomy, the Un■ited State


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s'○ pursuit of its Amer●ica First ○policy backed ○by politiciz◆ed accusatio●ns has definitely co●nstituted a disrupt○ion to global free● trade and econo◆my.European co●untries like Ge■rmany, Italy and ●the Netherlands have○ their own stan●dards for se●curity, which are ce〓rtainly not like th〓e American o◆ne which led to th○e l

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oose licensing 〓of Boeing 737 Max.■ In respon●se to the U.S●. pressure, many● have made t

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